Saturday, September 12, 2009

Knee Deep

So I'm starting my third week of classes at Kendall on monday and I already feel knee deep in homework.
Kendall does deadlines much differently than KVCC. To quote one of my great instructors, "Don't worry about getting it done in time, just make sure you to it RIGHT!" I know I'll learn so much this semester but I am worried I'll lose my promptness in completing assignments... But I supposed that's ultimately up to me. I can't wait to finish something already so I can post it!!

Love and homework
- Cynthia

Friday, July 24, 2009

Slackin' hard...

FINALLY added some new pieces to my galleries and I'm quite ashamed of how little art I've done this summer. I just haven't had any inspiration whatsoever and the drive to complete anything has gone on break as well....until now! ^_^ Thank GOD!!!

I still have a couple old digital files to upload but now that I'm getting the hang of watercolor I think I'll bang out a few ideas I've been saving now that my confidence is up.

Till then, enjoy. ^_^

School starts in a month!! WOOO!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Got a couple of bit projects underway.
Working on a childrens book right now. After meeting w/ the author it became very apparent how important this book was and how much I agreed with its message....haha, NO pressure at all! I'm reaaaally nervous my art just won't do the message justice. I really want to make the author happy. O_O I'm just assuming this is normal for beginning professional illustrators.

Also creating some new character designs for promotional posters. I havn't done art for fun since before school ended so this rush of inspiration is very much appreciated!! ^_^ *sigh*

Till then!
- Cynthia

Thursday, April 30, 2009


I finally have a website!!! I'm having a little trouble updating it at the moment. I am by NO means a web person but i'll be updating often. First off I hope to make my images available in much bigger format because you can barely see any details at the moment due to they're size.

Till then, enjoy! ^_^

- Cynthia G.

p.s. ITS SUMMER!!!! WOO!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

We are what we eat....So why aren't we allowed to know what's in our food?

Over 70% of our food sold in grocery stores has genetically engineered food used as an ingredient. 

What is genetically engineered food?  

Genetically engineered food is food that has had foreign substances introduced into it's genetics, changing it's natural functions. Functions like built-in pesticides, drought resistance, and faster growth. These plants with these altered genes reproduce and spread to other farmer's crops. Even better, the big companies producing these Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) have patents on these plants! When these seeds contaminate other crops, these big companies, such as Monsanto, sue these farmers for "infringing on their patent" and force them to destroy their crop seeds that have been developed for decades. 

  The FDA does NOT required testing of these types of foods because they are "considered" so close to normal food that they see no reason. These companies can due these studies voluntarily(which they don't). Surveys have shown that over 93% of consumers want to know when GMOs are used in the products they buy. The European Union Nations, Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries will NOT allow GMOs to be grown or sold in their market places. So what's stopping us here?

*sigh*....I could type all day about this, so just watch this.

Please check out to learn more and find out how we can get labeling on our food!